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The Happiest Days Of Her Life
Not many people would believe it, but before Lars established a reputation of being a mean ass death claw that drank its way through the Waste Lands killing anything that crossed her path, she was almost a decent person. Shortly after she had dissolved the raider gang she was running with, she and Samuels along with a few others made their way to a small settlement out of one of the main cities somewhere out about near New Vegas. Lars had probably figured it was just a pit stop along their wandering path, but Samuels insisted on staying a while. A while turned out to be a week or so.

While they were holding up in the city, Canyon Rockz by some accounts, Samuels kept slipping out meeting with people in the darker hours. Kept running errands behind Lars back, or having others go out of their way to handle something for him. Lars, always keeping an eye on things had taken notice of this and had been wondering allowed if she was going to have to gut shoot someone, or ‘Thin the herd’ again. No one payed that much mind though, as the remainder of raiders who had stuck with her after knew how much she loved to bluster about gut shooting, Samuels in particular as he had a knack for getting under her skin.

There was still the ongoing wager among the group about how long Samuels was going to last, seeing how he kept pushing Lars buttons, just to see her temper fly it seemed. That and he kept going out of his way to smack her ‘jug-i-lugs’ from time to time, just to keep things interesting. Though the latter would send any hardened raider flying for cover in a heartbeat. Survival instinct and all that. Something Samuels seemed to lack, as he would just stand there and bear the brunt of Lars wrath – some even claimed he gave her another smack when she was right up in his face. Though he and the rest of the gang did not see the outcome of that fight, seeing how they were making for the exits like there was a death claw on their heels, figuring Lars was likely to postal on anything and anyone she could get her hands on. Likewise Samuels did not return to camp for the next three days, giving Lars a time to cool off.

Heck, the theory being that the only reason Lars kept Samuels alive was that he was liked by the men. That and he was smarter than he looked, knew how to hold the line, flush a target out of the ruins, or even go toe to toe with a super mutant if the need called. Others say she kept him around because he was the only one who had the brass to talk back to her face.

But, seeing how he now seemed to be going about business behind her back, she figured he must have been getting tired of taking orders and was scheming to take over the herd. And that was not going to happen, so, when she heard that he had come back after talking with a courier pleased as he could be, she knew he was going to make his play, and she was going to beat him to the punchline.

Geared up for total war, packing her combat shotgun, Chinese assault rifle, and a Ripper on her hip, or as she liked to call them, her bread, butter, and a knife to spread it with, she kicked out the door to the pub and came storming out ready for total war. Upon being confronted with such an arsenal, and the rest of her gang backing her up, Samuel did the only reasonable thing any man could do. That being, dropping to his knees to beg for mercy.

Before Lars could begin asking questions though, Samuel, clearly thinking fast, had reached behind him and pulled a small box out from behind his back, cracked it open, and asked Lars to marry him right then and there.

Now, the witnesses who saw this transaction accounts vary wildly. Most claiming to have been sworn to secrecy upon being threatened with gut shooting if they started flapping their jaws. Lars, so taken aback for once was at a total loss for words, mouth working like a nuka-lurk out of water. So shocked was she that she even let Samuels put the ring on her finger, and by the time that was done and over with there was no turning back.

The next day proved to be when the real action started. Some even say they saw Lars smile! And not one of those grim faced, ‘I am about to gut shoot you.’ Smiles, but a real live, actual smile. She had the whole town worked up into frenzy by the third day, had bought out a three whole companies for the Crimson Caravan to run deliveries for her. Whisky, enough to drowned a bemouth in, all kinds off foods that could be found around the waste – including death claw eggs according to one witness, and lights she wanted every kind of light she could get her hands on.

In less than a week she had turned the whole town into a something that would rival New Vegas and put that old girl to shame. White lights ran the length of the town, all gathering in the center where she had a stage set up with an alter and all. She had even commissioned the Children of Atom to conduct the ceremony all proper like, just like in the pre-war days.

Lars was no exception herself, she went all the way to New Vegas just to buy a dress – given it was several sizes to small for her but the store owner said she feel in love with it the second she saw it, and he was not going to argue. It took five seamstresses the better part of the day to get that thing to fit around Lars. And by the time they did get it to begin to accompany her girth, two of the five where unconscious on the floor seeing how they had accidentally pricked lars bosom with a few to many pins.

Still the result was something to behold, she ordered that dress washed a dozen times, she wanted it to be snow white when she put it on. Heck, people even say that Lars bathed herself for the occasion! Thought this some put up with talking Death Claws and the like.

The day of, that was a day to remember though. Lars came down the steps, taking it slow as to not pop the threads keeping her chest at bay. Around her neck she wore a brace of fire flowers that Samuel had picked for her himself. Red on white, as the moonlight washed over that white cloth dragging behind her as she made her way through the crowds. The whole village had been invited, heck even a few raiders had showed up, and had not been turned away, on account of them brining the Party Cems and all. And there waiting at the alter was none other than S. R. Samuels, fully dressed out with a laser pistol on his hip.

The ceremony was short, the after party though, that lasted well into the night and through the next day as well. People were still recovering from the celebrations a week later. One man claimed to have woken up next to a Death Claw that had its arms around him like a lover, though no one paid such stories any mind, seeing how Lars was the talk of the town.

Those next few days were the happiest of her life.

Other Lars: Lars MLP: Model Session

The Fox And Grapes
Jennivien hesitated, the bundle of grapes hanging from her fingers, the fruits cool texture resting against her chest. Nervousness crept up her spine causing her tail to wrap itself around her.

It was true, the grapes were sweet, wonderful to taste as she savored each morsel. She had just raised one of the succulent fruits to her lips when the distinctive clack of a firing pin being drawn back shattered the moment.

‘If a single one of those grapes touches your lips, your fur is going to decorate the walls.’

Jen gasped, the fruit slipping down her front in shock. Eyes, wide she tired to speak, but the words could not make it past her suddenly dry throat.


The sight of the twin barrles pointing into her face caused her mind to blank.

‘Cut!’ A voice rang out form off set. ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’

From the darkened theater the director pushed to the fore front waving a bundle of papers in one paw.

‘We’ve been over this a hundred times by now!’ He growled in frustration. ‘Jennivien – do you even remember your lines?’

Ashamed her gaze dropped.


‘Then what are they?’

Jenn opened her mouth to speak, but her gaze lingered on the now lax barrels of the double shotgun held in the farmer that was supposed to her caught her in the act of stealing his crop. Somehow the sight of the gun, even though she knew it was only a prop made her freeze in horror. She couldn’t help it, she wanted to say, but she found she could not even meet the gaze of the director.

‘I’m sorry.’ She managed. ‘I’ll try harder.’

She was still struggling with her part to play. Theater had never been her strong point, and now she was in the heat of it. Staring in a tragedy as one of the leading characters was not what she had in mind when her employer had instructed her to undergo Field Training.

The play was a something of a tragedy gone wrong, the story of a fox caught in the vineyard by a farmer. Through the farmers emotional rage at finding the fox, she was to play the part of a hapless victim trying to plea for her life at his hands. That she was expected to act in front of a whole auditorium of mammals only made her anxiety worse. Not able to flee, as her employer had given her precise orders regarding the play, she bit her lip puckering up her courage.

‘Okay. I am ready.’

Get Your Irish On!
‘Do you like them, their Irish.’

‘Nera. You are not going to wear those are you?’ Amenii palmed her face when her hyena lover came out from the bathroom, with her Irish festival on. ‘Please tell my you are not going to wear those.’

‘Why not?’ Nera grinned. ‘Besides I know two gazelles that are going with even less.’

‘Oh, for the love of…’

Before she could protest further, Nera scooped her up and tucked her under her arm.

‘Now, get your hat and we are going to party tonight!’

‘And suffer for our partying in the morning.’ Amenii grasped her hat as Nera made to her way to the door. ‘At least put on a t-shirt before going out!’

‘Hmmm.’ Nera considered that for a second. ‘Probably a good idea. At least until we get to the pub.’

One twenty minute walk later the festivities began.

After spending just under four hours making phone calls and getting shunted around like a bad case of the flu I have reached a resolution: (Warning vicious mockery and humor follows)

I learned that there are no humans at the Department Of Labor. In fact, going through trial and error, and I mean the old fashion plug and chug trial and error of getting a hold of some one. In this case, there are only so many combinations of buttons you can push in so many combinations, this was so bad in fact that I started writing down the combinations as to avoid listening to the pre-recoded messages.

I also learned that one could not just push random buttons repetitively until a human became frustrated and picked up the line. Instead Satan’s computer turned out to be programed to intercept and inform you that it was ending the call. While giving you the finger over the phone. So, I had to go at this the old fashion way.

The operation goes a little like this:

Satan’s Computer: Hello Thank y-

Me: 1…

Satan’s Computer: If you –

Me: 1…

Satan’s computer: Y-

Me: 4…2…1…

Satan’s computer: Please wait while I tran-

Me: 0*

Satan’s computer: Ring…Ring…Ring Hello You have reached Olga. Beeeeeep. 

Yes. That is how it went, after about twenty four phone calls to the agency. Please note that this was a government instillation I was attempting to contact. Also, Olga, no last name, no title, no contact number, that the computer asks you for when you begin this sequence was not eager or willing to return any calls. Another fun fact, Olga is a Orc name from Dungeons and Dragon 5e. So I spent all that time, just to be transferred to an Orc, who probably did not know how to pick up a phone anyways.

So, turning to another path, I go talk to an underling in my operations department, as they are mandatory required to pick up the phone and be human I was ensured that I could actually speak with someone, no matter how underqualified. This they made sure to tell me, but they were able to provide me with several names, first and last, and phone numbers for the people to call. This is where it gets twistedly funny.

The person who I had originally tired to contact inside my organization when this accident happened was quitting at the time and therefor had not bothered to file any of my paperwork setting into action this whole shit storm. Their replacement finally trained in had to take over for them and finally did so, after fifteen days of the thirty day window was gone. It gets better, the new person in Human Resources that was supposed to he handling the information I had sent over after I got the request had quit two days ago. And, so my medical documents were left lounging in Tim buck two – even thought when I mailed them I had them given highest priority shipping and a signature required on delivery. Of course sense he had quit, he could do neither.

So, I have to make another call, and it turns out that trying to get a hold of HR is a lot like trying to get a hold of Satan himself. One can set up the cult circle, paint your body in mathematical symbols (Calculous is best for summoning - See the Calculous Daemons*) Needless to say, another hour of phone games later.

It was only now that I learned to appreciate the smart phones speaker option as I could just turn up the volume and set my phone down and start drawing. I highly recommend this tactic as it saves the use of your arm and ear considerably. That path also failing, I turned to the last thread of hope I had left – my insurance agency.

I will say this much for them: By comparison to a government organization, my insurance agency, privately owned, is like listening to angles sing. Very, screechy angles, with old static filled recordings that hurt your ears if you keep the volume to high. And the music is really out dated, but at least they only kept me on hold for twenty minutes, bless their hearts.

Their computer was much nicer as well. Our interactions went a little like this:

Computer: Hell and thank you for calling, please listen closely as our options hav-

Me: Human.

Computer: I’m sorry I didn’t catch that could you please try ag-


Computer: I’m sorry I still didn’t understand you, co-

Me: HUMAN!!!

Computer: Please stand by while I transfer you to one of our operators.

And just like that I got to speak to a REAL, LIVE, PERSON. Yes, I am even convinced that they may have been human too. They took my insurance number and information, told me to forget I ever saw the bill and that if there was anything that my insurance did not cover I would find out in about a month or so. Also if there was any, that there would be no late fees either.

So, in a fraction of the amount of time it took me to try to go through several governmental organizations they took care of me and…and…I won. Bill is gone! Gone Gone Gone! Smeagol is free! 

The End.


*Calculous Daemons: Monstrous creatures of fire and darkness that can be summoned by burning select texts while dancing nude around your school’s rock, or other important symbol if a rock is lacking, chanting ‘Sign, Sign, Co-sign, Sign, three point one four one five nine…’

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on commitment and alignment of the stars. Daemon summoning is generally a very bad idea, even when it is to try and get them to help you with your homework. I suggest waiting until senior year. As it is well known that collage students do not have souls anyway. So you will fit right in.


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